The Tudors

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The Tudors

by Mandy Barrow

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Tudor Timeline


Tudor Britain Timeline
1485 The War of the Roses ends at the Battle of Bosworth. Henry Tudor wins and is crowned Henry VII

Reign of King Henry VII

( See Henry Vlll's Timeline)

1492 Christopher Columbus discovered the West Indies
1497 John Cabot, the Italian-born English explorer, discovered Newfoundland. He left Bristol on his ship, the Matthew, looking for a sea route to Asia. He ended up in North America, the first European to reach there since the Vikings.
1498 Christopher Columbus discovered Trinidad in the Caribbean Sea.
1499 A plague epidemic killed thousands of people in London.
1509 - 1547

21 April 1509
Henry VII died and his son Henry VIII succeeds to the throne


30 June 1513
A 35,000-strong English army, led by Henry VIII, lands at Calais, which is ruled by England.

9 September 1513
King James IV of Scotland is killed at the Battle of Flodden. James's son becomes James V of Scotland at the age of 18 months.


24 December 1515
Cardinal Wolsey appointed lord chancellor

1521 Henry Vlll made 'Defender of Faith' by Pope Leo X for being a good Catholic.
1524 Population of Britain 2.3 million. 6% of the population lived in towns. 3% in London
1529 18 October 1529
Henry VIII sacks Cardinal Wolsey for failing to persuade the pope to grant him divorce to Catherine of Aragon.
1533 Henry VIII marries Anne Boleyn
1534 17 November 1534
Henry VIII forms the 'Church of England'. Henry is confirmed as 'Supreme Head of the Church of England' following a parliamentary Act of Supremacy
1535 The first Bible printed in English is placed in Churches.
1536 14 April 1536
Act of Union makes Wales part of England

Dissolution of the Monasteries (Destruction or closure of 560 monasteries and religious houses)


Population of Britain 2.7 million.

18 June 1541
Henry VIII proclaimed king of Ireland

1542 Mary, Queen of Scots lays claim to the English throne
1544 Henry VIII invades northern France

The French attempt to invade England.

20 July 1545
The Mary Rose sinks in Portsmouth harbour.


28 January 1547
Edward Vl becomes king

Many new schools and colleges founded.

1548 23 September 1548
The Book of Common Prayer
1548 10 July 1553
Lady Jane Grey proclaimed queen. Jane Grey reigns for little more than a fortnight, and is executed on 12 February 1554.
1553-1558 3 August 1553
Mary I becomes queen
1554 25 July 1554
Mary I marries Philip II of Spain

17 November 1558
Elizabeth I begins her 45 year reign

1561 Mary, Queen of Scots returns to Scotland
1567 Mary Queen of Scots gives throne of Scotland to James
1569 Population of Britain 3.2 million.

Sir Francis Drake sets sail for his first voyage to the West Indies

1577 Drake becomes the second person to go round the world
1585-1604 England and Spain at war
1587 8 February 1587
Queen Elizabeth I executes Mary, Queen of Scots

The Armada fleet of Philip II of Spain attempts to invade England, but is defeated

1591 First performance of a play by William Shakespeare
1600 First British involvement in the Indian continent - East India Company formed.
Population of Britain just over 4 million. 10% of the population lived in towns.



24 March 1603
Queen Elizabeth I died. King James of Scotland becomes the first Stuart king of England.
End of Tudor Times


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