The Tudors

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The Tudors

by Mandy Barrow

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Tudor Entertainment


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In the Tudor times many people had to make their own entertainment. There were no computers, televisions and mp3 players and very few people could read.

Without electricity, often people got up early in the morning when it was light and went to bed when it was dark. They worked most of the day and week and so much entertainment was saved until Sundays. The one day of the week when most people didn't work.

Tudor Sports | Tudor Music | Executions | Theatres


Watching plays became very popular during the Tudor times. This popularity was helped by the rise of great playwrights such as William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe as well as the building of the Globe theatre in London. By 1595, 15,000 people a week were watching plays in London.

It was during Elizabeth's reign that the first real theatres were built in England. Before theatres were built actors travelled from town to town and performed in the streets or outside inns.

Globe Theatre
Globe theatre in London

The Globe Theatre was built on the River Thames. It was circular and had seats around the walls which cost two pence or three pence if you had a cushion.

Most theatres had no roof.

The seats around the wall enabled people to watch the play and kept them out of the worst of the weather. Most theatres had no roof.

The cheapest places were in the so-called pit. This was the area in front of the stage. People would pay about a penny to see the play and they stood for the duration of the play.

Tudor Sports | Tudor Music | Executions | Theatres

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