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Sats Questions for Science

The Science tests cover the National Curriculum attainment targets: life processes and living things; materials and their properties and physical processes.

The knowledge and use of correct scientific vocabulary is important.

The following questions are taken from past Key Stage 2 Sats papers. The answers are not given to the questions below. Please visit our other pages for examples of Sats questions with answers.

1. The newton is the unit to measure of ?

2. Why are some wild flowers highly scented with brightly coloured petals?

3. Humans have skeletons. Write two different ways in which having a
skeleton is important to humans.

4. Which of these describes a tree?





5. The Earth spins on its axis.

Describe one other way the Earth moves in space.


6. How long does it take the Earth to orbit the Sun?

7. How long does it take the Earth to spin once on its axis?

8. How many days are their between each full moon?

9. Helen and Amy put an ice lolly in a dry glass jar. After 105 minutes they
saw that the ice lolly had turned to liquid. What is the name of the process
which causes drops of liquid to form on the outside of the jar?

10. Which of the following must all seeds have to start growing?

 light  water  salt  soil

11. Why do seedlings grown in a dark place have yellow leaves?

12. Explain why leaves are important to a plant.

13. Name the force which pulls objects down.

14. Name the force which slows objects down.

15. Name the different ways that seeds from plants are dispersed.

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Life processes and living things;

Materials and their properties and

Physical processes.

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