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Second World War Timeline

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1939 - 1945 The Second World War.
Bombing of British cities, compulsory military service and food rationing were brought in.
1935 - 36
Italy invades and conquers Ethiopia.
7 July -flagJapan invades flagChina.
Germany marches into flagAustria and takes it over.
March -Germany takes over flagCzechoslovakia.
Sept. - Germany invades flagPoland

3 Sept - The Prime Minister of UkBritain, Neville Chamberlain, declares war on Germany.

flagFrance, flagAustralia and flagNew Zealand also declares war on flag Germany.

6 Sept. - South Africa declares war on Germany.
10 Sept. - flag Canada declares war on Germany.

17 Sept. - The Soviet Union invades flag Poland from the east.

30 Nov. The Soviet Union invades flagFinland.

9 Apr. - Germany invades flagNorway and flagDenmark. Denmark surrenders on the day of the attack; Norway holds out until June 9.
Winston Churchill10 May - UkWinston Churchill becomes the new British Prime Minister, replacing Neville Chamberlain.
10 May - Germany attacks western Europe - flagLuxembourg, flagHolland and Belgium.
flag Luxemburg surrenders to the Germans
12 May - The German army enters flagFrance
14 May Holland surrenders to the Germans.
14 May - The Local Defence Volunteers (Dad's Army) is created in Uk Britain. It was later called the Home Guard
27 May - The evacuation of 340,000 soldiers of the UkBritish and flag French armies from the beaches of Dunkirk.
28 May - Belgium surrenders to the Germans
4 June - The last of the 338,000 British, French and Belgian forces evacuated from Dunkirk.
9 June - Norway surrenders to the Germans
10 June - Italy enters the war and declares war on Uk Britain and flag France
14 June - The German army enters and took over Paris.
30 June 1940 (until the Liberation on 9 May 1945) German troops take over the Channel Islands, the only British soil occupied by Germany
21 June -  flagItaly invades southern France.
22 June - German troups conquer most of flag France. flagFrance surrenders to the Germans
9 July - Uk RAF Bomber Command start night raids on Germany
10th July -Uk Battle of Britain begins
7 Sept - Uk The London Blitz starts
13 Sept. -  flag Italy invades British-controlled flagEgypt from Italian-controlled Libya.
20 Sept. - Germany,  flag Italy, and flag Japan sign the Tripartite Pact.
Oct. -  flag Italy invades flagGreece
Nov. - flagSlovakia (November 23), flagHungary (November 20), and flagRomania (November 22) join the Axis.
March - flagBulgaria joins the Axis.
6 Apr. - Germany invades flagYugoslavia and
flag Greece.
10 May - German air raid damages the Uk House of Commons in London.
22 June - Germany invades Russia
7 Dec. - The flag Japanese attack the flagUSA Naval Base at Pearl Harbour, flagHawaii
8 Dec. - The flag United States declares war on flag Japan, entering World War II.

11 Dec. - Germany and  flag Italy declare war on the flagUnited States

flag United States formally declares declares war on Germany and  flagItaly.

25 Dec - flagHong Kong surrenders to flag Japan.
2 Jan. - flag Japan captures Manila in the
15 Feb. - The flag Japan captures flagSingapore
5 May - The Battle of the Coral Sea between the flag US and flag Japanese navies
30 May - Anglo-Americans start bombing Germany
8 Nov - Uk British and flag U.S. troops win back North Africa
11 - 13 Dec. - Nazi Germany and its Axis partners declare war on the flag United States.
19 April - MayjewWarsaw Ghetto Uprising in occupied Poland
The largest single revolt by Jews against the Nazis during WW2.
16 May - The Dam Buster Raid
28 Sept. -  flag Italy surrenders
10 Oct. -  flag Italy swaps sides and declares war on Germany
4 June -  flag Rome is freed by the Allies
6 June - Uk British andflag U.S. troops successfully land on the Normandy beaches of flag France, opening a “Second Front” against the Germans.
This day is known as D-Day
12 June - The first of Germany's terror weapons, the V1 (doodlebug), falls in Uk England at Swanscombe in Kent
15 Aug. - Allied forces land in flag southern France near Nice.
20 Aug. - Allied troops reach flag Paris.
Aug/Sept - Warsaw Uprising in occupied Poland, the largest
ever civilian revolt in history, by the Polish population against the Nazis.
11 Sept. - U.S. troops enter Germany
20 Oct. - U.S. troops land in theflag Philippines.
16 Dec. - The Germans launch a final offensive in the west, known as the Battle of the Bulge, in an attempt to re-conquer flagBelgium and split the Allied forces along the German border.
12 Jan. - The flagSoviets liberate Warsaw and Krakow in flag Poland.
13 Feb. - The flag Soviets capture Budapest, capital city of flagHungary.
16 Apr. - The flag Soviets launch their final offensive, encircling Berlin.
30 Apr. - Hitler commits suicide
7 May Germany surrenders to the western Allies.
8 May UkWinston Churchill announces VE Day - Victory in Europe. British people wave flags, sing and dance in the streets. WW2 ends in Europe
9 May - Germany surrenders to the flag Soviets.
Creation of the Welfare State introduced social security payments for the unemployed.
6 Aug. - The first atomic bomb is dropped by flag The United States on flag Hiroshima killing 78,000 citizens
8 Aug. - The flag Soviet Union declares war on flag Japan and invades Manchuria.
9 Aug. - flag The United States drops an atomic bomb on flag Nagasaki.
14 Aug. - flag Japan surrendered to the Allies after almost six years of war. V-J Day (Victory in Japan)
2 Sept. - Having agreed in principle to unconditional surrender on August 14, 1945, Japan formally surrenders, ending World War II.
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