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Britain Since the 1930s

by Mandy Barrow
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Rationing Timeline in Britain during World War 2

Below is a timeline of some of the things which were rationed during the war

1939 World War Two begins

1939 - Petrol rationing (ended May 1950 )

8 January 1940 - Rationing of bacon, butter and sugar

11 March 1940 - All meat was rationed

July 1940 - Tea and margarine were added to the list of rationed foods.

March 1941 - Jam was put on ration.

May 1941 - Cheese was rationed

1 June 1941 - Rationing of clothing (ended 15 March 1949)

June 1941 - Eggs were put on ration

July 1941 - Coal was rationed because more and more miners were called up to serve in the forces.

January 1942 - Rice and dried fruit were added to the list of rationed foods.

February 1942 - Soap was rationed so that oils and fats could be saved for food.

Tinned tomatoes and peas were were added to the list of rationed food.

By 17 March 1942, coal, gas and electricity were all rationed

26 July 1942 - Rationing of sweets and chocolate. Each person was allowed about 2oz (55 grams) a week

August 1942 - Biscuits rationed

1943 - Sausages are rationed

1945 World War Two Ends
Rationing continued on many items until 1954.

1948 - The end of rationing begins. It is another 5 years before rationing of all products is stopped.

25 July 1948 - end of flour rationing

15 March 1949 - end of clothes rationing

19 May 1950 - rationing ended for canned and dried fruit, chocolate biscuits, treacle, syrup, jellies and mincemeat.

September 1950 - rationing ended for soap

3 October 1952 - Tea rationing ended

February 1953 - Sweet and sugar rationing ends

4 July 1954 - Food rationing ends

Further Information

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....Everyone was allowed 16 points per month to use on what ever food items they wished. This was later increased to 20 points per month. ..... Sweets and chocolate were also rationed: 12oz (350g) per person every four weeks.

Clothes Rationing
It wasn't just food that was rationed during World War II. Clothing also became scarce.

Memories of Rationing
... I preferred to eat salted margarine than butter, the rest of the family had my butter ration.....

Information on Rationing

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