The Saxons

The Ship Burial

One of the mounds was much bigger than the rest.

Basil discovered that the reason why it was so big. It was hiding a huge wooden ship buried under the soil. The ship had rotted away, but the shape of it was clearly left behind in the earth.

The ship was 27 metres long and 4.25 meters wide at it widest point (almost ninety-feet long and fifteen-feet wide). It would have taken about 20 oarsmen on either side to row it!

Model of the ship

The ship had been put there and used as a grave.

Archeologists think that the ship was dragged to the top of the hill from the river below. It was then placed in a ditch that had been specially dug for it.

Looking down towards the river

A hut was built in the middle of the ship and the coffin and treasures placed inside. The ship was then completely covered with a mound of earth.

Body lying inside the ship1

The person was buried in the ship because they believed that this was the best way to reach the After Life.

The objects in the grave would have been the personal possessions or weapons of the the person 'buried' with the ship to use in the afterlife.

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