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River Severn at Newtown
image: main bridge in Newtown

The Long Bridge a cross the River Severn was designed by the County Surveyor Thomas Penson in 1826. It replaced a wooden bridge which crossed the river here.

image: view from long bridgemage: plants
River Plants cling on to the river bed. The river is flowing quite fast here

The river plants bend and sway with the current. Their long thin leaves help keep the them in place. If they had wide leaves they would have been swept away by now.

View of the River Severn from The Long Bridge

The flood defence wall, seen in both the photo above and the one below, was constructed after serious flooding in the 1960s.

Vertical river banks, such as these flood defence walls, create a more 'efficient' channel for the water to flow quicker through it, thus reducing the threat from flooding.

image: island
Bery Beaver wonders how the island has been made.
Do you have an idea how the island might have been made?

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