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Meanders - Ox Bow Lake

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The old rived bed is now part of the ox-bow lake

Rectangle 2
The photo below shows part of the land left surrounded by the old river bed.

The river used to go round the right of the land seen in the photo.

The old river bed is made up of lots of stones, twigs and branches.

image: close up on river bed
Stones on the old river bed

Why are the stones smooth with round edges?

The following two photos are looking back towards the source.

Photo taken standing on the land in the middle of the old meander.

image: river
Percy is standing on an island which used to be part of the field on the right

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The formation of an ox-bow lake
drawing of a meanderdrawing showing erosion and depositiondrawing of ox-bow lake

Key vocabulary

When the speed of a river decreases it has less energy to carry its load, so it drops it (deposits it).

The material that is carried by a river and then deposited.

Erosion is the wearing away of sides and bottom of the rivers by the force of the water, and material carried by the water.


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