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The Source

The source of the Darent is a spring in the woods halfway between the Kentish villages of Crockham Hill and Westerham.

Some of the water from rain seeps down through the soil and finds it way to rocks below. The water passes through or between the rocks until it meets a layer of rock which cannot hold any more water. When this happens, the water begins to flow out of the ground and down the side of a hill or mountain. This trickle of water is called a spring.

The Darent rises from the spring line where the Greensand meets the clay of the valley.

Looking down the valley from the source.
The four small trees in a line in the middle (from the pink bush) follow the infant Darent.

Aerial view of the source of the river Darent
Aerial View of the source of the River Darent
(The source to the left of the house. The Darent flows down the middle of the photo in the valley)

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(The source is near an old fort)
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The Darent soon becomes a fast flowing stream emerging from the wooded Greensand hills.

The stream grows bigger and bigger as it is joined by other streams and small rivers, called tributaries.

On its way down to Westerham, the infant Darent joins forces with other streams making it wider and flowing faster.

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