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The village of Otford sits at the southern end of the Darent Valley where the river turns to flow through the North Downs to the Thames.

It is thought that Otford drew its name from Otta’s Ford after the founder of the settlement that was sited at a convenient crossing point on the river.

In the centre of Otford is a duck pond. It was the main source of water for the village up to the early years of the 20th century.

Why are rivers important?
Rivers are a source of life for humans, animals and plants. They offer fish to eat, water to drink and to irrigate crops, they provide transport routes and are popular for recreation.

In early days, the Darent would have been an essential source of water for farms and human use. It also provided an easy means of transporting produce to markets downstream.

Aerial view of the Darent after it leaves Otford

River Darent outside Otford

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