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The Mouth of the River Darent

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Flood Barrier
The flood barrier at the mouth of the Darent has two drop leaf gates which are lowered if the sea threatens to inundate the land.

(Looking towards the mouth)


The River Mouth
A river ends where it pours it water into another river, into the sea, or, in some places, into a lake. This place is called the river's mouth. Here the river brings its water, as well as all the mud and pollution it may have collected on the way.

The mouth of the river Darent is where it meets the river Thames near Dartford.

The photographs below show the sediment (mud) that the Darent has brought with it on its journey to the river Thames.

At the river mouth, the water flows very slowly and the river drops the rest of the mud and sand it was carrying.

Aerial view of the mouth of the river Darent

River Darent
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From the mouth of the Darent, follow the Thames down to the sea

Join Winnie the Pooh on his voyage down the River Thames from source to sea.
Watch how the Thames grows from a small puddle into a wide river before being swallowed up by the North sea.


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