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Horton Kirby continued

Human influence

During the Victorian times, there used to be a corn mill here at Horton Kirby. The weir, seen in the photo below, dammed the river Darent creating a small reservoir which used to power a waterwheel (to the left of the weir).

Looking towards the weir (2001)
(Same view 2006)
Vegetation has begun to take over, growing thickly and making the channel much narrower.


Bridges confine the river to a narrow channel under the bridge. The flow of the water (velocity) increase through the narrow channel.




Erosion involves the wearing away of rock and soil found along the river bed and banks. It also involves the breaking down of the rock particles being carried downstream by the river.

There is evidence of erosion along the banks of the river Darent. Erosion has occurred where the river has worn away the banks or where people have stood on the river banks. Wooden planks or concrete materials have been put along the river to help prevent erosion from the river.


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