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The village of Farningham has a rich history with Roman remains and a Norman church. Three Roman villas and three Roman farmsteads are known to have existed within the Parish of Farningham.

Wadard - Bayeux TapestryFarningham had four manors in the Domesday book. One of these belonged to a Norman knight called Wadard who fought at the Battle of Hastings and whose portrait on his horse with his shield held high can be seen on the Bayeux Tapestry.

The Farningham village sign is a copy of the original picture with its Latin caption.

'Hic Est Wadard'
(Here is Wadard)

Farnborough Mill

Corn was once ground here at the mill.

The bridge looking structure below is a cattle gate, built to stop cattle wandering down the river.

The water is still crystal clear. On the river bed you can see many colourful pebbles.

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