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The picturesque little village of Eynsford has a medieval bridge with a ford, the remains of a Norman castle and many pretty half-timbered and white weather-boarded cottages.

The village derives its name from Aegen, a well-established Anglo-Saxon name – hence Aegensford, contracted to Eynsford, the ford of Aegen.

The village of Eynsford lies on the river Darent on the side of the North Downs. The river here is very clear. You can see the bottom of the shallow river and small fish swimming.

Children enjoy splashing in the river at Eynsford. They also enjoy fishing.

Eynsford bridge across ford

The bank along the river today is man made to prevent erosion and to control flooding. The river used to much wider here and often flooded.

Eynsford bridge across fordEynsford bridge and ford

Crossing the river
The simplest way of crossing a stream or small river is to wade through at a shallow point, called a ford. Villages grew up at these traditional crossing points. Place names such as Eynsford reflect their origin.

The ford at Eynsford was an important crossing from the Roman times.

Old Mill and bridge,

The old mill at Eynsford (white building) can be seen in the photographs above.

Eynsford castle, dating back to the 11th century, is one of the earliest stone castles in England. All that remains is some thick flint walls, part of the empty moat and the keep, but in its heyday, surrounded by deep water, it must have been a difficult fortress to attack.


Did you know?
In the mid 1930’s it was announced that Eynsford would be the site for a new London Airport but it was never built.

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