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Chipstead village lies in the Darent valley, to the south of the river at the foot of the North Downs.

It is a pretty village with many handsome old houses and a village green overlooking the lake.

There are indications that there may have been a settlement at Chipstead from Saxon times. The name ‘Chepsted’, as recorded on old maps, means ‘market’.

Chipstead was an important early crossing point of the Darent on the route that linked London with the south coast ports. As trade increased Chipstead became a stopping point for 'ripiers', medieval fish merchants, who transported fish to London by pack horse.

Chipstead Lakes
The flooded hole left from sand excavations is used for water sports and angling.

Nearby are Bradbourne Lakes where gravel was extracted until 1980. The lakes are now part of Sevenoaks Wildfowl Reserve.
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House Names
The names of houses are often a clue to what the building used to be or and indication of what is near by. The river through Chipstead divides briefly into two channels. Nearby there is a house called Two Rivers Cottage.

The photograph on the left shows the former corn mill in Chipstead. It is now divided up onto apartments.

Some of the names of the present apartments around the former corn mill reflect their earlier use - 'Granary', 'Flour Store', 'Grain Store'.


The river Darent flows beside the corn mill


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