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Light and Shadows Quiz

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 Fast Facts before doing the quiz

Light travels from a light source such a lamp or the Sun.

Light sources give out light.

We see things when light from a source enters our eyes.

Some objects seem bright, but they are only reflecting light from elsewhere.

Light travels in straight lines.

If something is in the way of the light you get a shadow.

Light travels very fast. 300 million metres a second.

Opaque objects block all light .

An opaque object blocking the light causes shadows eg. wood, metal, stone, you.

Transparent objects let light through eg. glass, clear plastic.

Translucent objects block some light eg. tissue paper

The answers are on this page. Try and think of what you would say before clicking on the answers. How near were you to the correct answer?

1. Which of the following are sources of light, and which can you see because they reflect light?


Brick walls




Electric light

Candle flame

2. If you can see through something, it is said to be..?

3. What R can you see when you look in a mirror?

4. What O describes a material that light cannot pass through?

5. How does light travel?

6. What R describes the bending of light?

7. What T describes a material that only some light can pass through?

8. What do you call an object that makes its own light?

9. Light travels much faster than sound. True or False?

10. How are shadows formed?

11. How can you make a really large shadow of your hand appear on a screen?

12. On a sunny day, what time of day will your shadow be the shortest?

13. Explain how you see yourself when you look in a mirror.

14. How do we see things?

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