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In Tutankhamun's tomb

Howard Carter and his team had uncovered
the greatest discovery of all time.

..luxurious chests .... thrones ... beds ...linens .... clothing ... necklaces .... bracelets ... rings ...earrings ...chariots... bows and arrows ... swords ... daggers ... shields... ostrich feather fans ... trumpets ... statues of Tutankhamen and many Egyptian gods ... figures of animals ... models of ships, toys, games .... storage jars containing precious oils.

In all Carter found over 3,000 items in Tutankhamun's tomb.

Why were so many objects found in the tomb?

The ancient Egyptians believed in a life after death, called the afterlife. They had their favourite possessions and practical objects buried with them for later use in the afterlife.

Interesting Fact

A trumpet, now known as King Tut's trumpet, was found in the tomb. When a British solder from a military band tried to play it he blew too hard and it broke. It was repaired and he tried again. This time he made it play. The sound of the trumpet was broadcast and a recording was made. This is now in the National Sound Archive in London. Only parts of the recording have been released to the public.


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