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Opening the Third Door
February 1923

On February 17, 1923, they began dismantling the sealed door between the statues.

Carter built a wooden framework all round the statues and a small platform on which he could stand to cut down the wall

Carter and Carnavon opening third door

Howard Carter:

“ My first care was to locate the wooden lintel above the door: then I carefully chipped away the plaster and picked out the small stones which formed the uppermost layer of the filling.

... After about ten minutes' work, I had made a hole large enough to insert an electric torch. Its light revealed an astonishing sight, for there within a yard of the doorway, stretching as far as one could see and blocking the entrance to the chamber stood, what to all appearance was, a solid wall of gold.”

Howard Carter (left) and lord Carnavon
at the tomb entrance

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