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Long Wait!

It was nearly three weeks after finding the first step that Carter was able to proceed. On November 23rd, Lord Carnarvon and his daughter, Lady Evelyn Herbert, arrived in Luxor.

Lord Carnavon with his daughter Evelyn, and Howard Carter (right), on the top step of the entrance to Tutankhamun's tomb

The following day, the workers had again cleared the staircase, now exposing all 16 of its steps and the full face of the sealed doorway.

Bad News!

Now that the door was fully exposed, to their dismay, they noticed that the upper left of the doorway had been broken through, presumably by tomb robbers, and resealed. Carter was very nervous that the tomb would be empty after all.

Why do you think Carter was nervous?

Could it have something to do with Lord Carnavon paying over a million pounds to find the tomb and now the tomb might be empty.


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