Ancient Egypt

by Mandy Barrow

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You are to write a newspaper report on the discovery of King Tutankhamens tomb.
Your report should include pictures and must also include the following:
When was it discovered ?
Who discovered it ?
Who paid for the excavations?
What was found inside the tomb?
How many years did the archaeologist look for the tomb?
Why was the discovery so important for historians?

The photos below may be useful to you in writing your newspaper report.

The entrance to the tomb,
as it appeared first.
Howard Carter (left)
and lord Carnavon
The first 12 steps    
breaking into
Tutankhamun's burial chamber
  Carter when opening the door
of the second shrine.

Howard Carter crouching at the doors
of the second of the three shrines
that enclosed Tutankhamen's mummy
and sarcophagus.

Two guards guarding
the burial chamber
  the statue of the Anubis,
guarding the treasure chamber.

Some of the objects
Tutankhamen wished to use in the afterworld
Howard Carter escorting artifacts from Tut's tomb. 1923

Discover more about Tut and how his tomb was found. 

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