Ancient Egypt

by Mandy Barrow

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Saturday, November 25
Opened first door.

A corridor filled with rubble

On the morning of November 25th, the sealed doorway was photographed and the seals noted. Then the door was removed.

A passageway emerged from the darkness, filled to the top with limestone rubble. Upon closer examination, Carter could tell that the tomb robbers had dug a hole through the upper left section of the passageway.

How did he know?
The hole had been refilled with larger, darker rocks than used for the rest of the fill.

Did this mean that the tomb had definitely already been robbed?

Carter was very disappointed and afraid that this might be true.

The rubble was cleared away to expose another sealed door, almost identical to the first. Once again, there were signs that a hole had been made in the doorway and resealed.

Extract from Howards Carters Diary:
'After clearing 9 metres of the descending passage, in about the middle of the afternoon, we came upon a second sealed doorway, which was almost the exact replica of the first. It bore similar seal impressions and had similar traces of successive reopenings and reclosings in the plastering.'

Which room lay behind the second door?


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