Ancient Egypt

by Mandy Barrow

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 The Discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb for Kids Tutankhamen

Who discovered Tutankhamun's Tomb?

The tomb of Egypt's boy-king Tutankhamun was discovered by Howard Carter.

What was Howard's job?

He was an archaeologist from England working in Egypt. He wanted to find out about the people who lived in Egypt in ancient times.

By 1922, other Archaeologists thought they had found all the tombs but Carter worked out that there was one still left - the tomb of Tutankhamen.

Carter had worked in Egypt for 31 years before he found King Tut's tomb.

Information about Howard Carter?

Howard Carter was born in 1874 in Norfolk, England. He was the son of an artist.

Carter bagan his career in Egypt at the age of 17, using his artistic talents to copy wall paintings and inscriptions.

In 1907, Carter went to work for Lord Carnarvon.


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