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The moon orbits the Earth
Remember it takes the Moon almost 28 days to orbit the Earth.

Click on the links below to see an animation illustrating the orbit of the moon around the Earth and the corresponding phases of the Moon as viewed from Earth.

Animation 1

Click here and have a go at the activity to an animation of the moon going around the Earth showing the different phases.

Animation 2

1. Wait for the animation to load.
2. Change the point of view to both.
3. Click on the animate button to start the animation.

 To find out why we have night and day click here!


Orbit - The path of the Moon around the Earth.

Rotate - The Earth spins around, like a top, about its axis once each day.
- Shrinking.

Waxing - Growing

Gibbous - Swollen on one side

 Explore the Solar System:

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