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Sliding sash windows were common throughout the Victorian period. Plate glass arrived in 1832 - five years before Victoria ascended the throne.

The Victorians invented a way to make big panes of glass, called ‘sheet glass’. This type of glass arrived in 1832 - five years before Victoria ascended the throne. True Victorian windows had six and later four paned vertical sliding sash windows with a single glazing bar down the middle.

Many owners of Victorian houses have today changed their windows to more modern ones.

Victorians also loved to decorate their windows.

Bay Windows (windows that projects, normally with flat front and slant sides) were very fashionable in Victorian times. Typical Victorian bay windows are three sided. The ground floor bay window often had its own slate roof, or it might continue into a first-floor bay, again topped with an individual roof.

Bay windows like the ones below are clues to when the houses were built.

Examples of Bay Windows

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