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Georgian Houses


Ferox Hall, TobridgeAfter the Great Fire of London in 1666, an act of parliament was passed to ensure new homes were made from fire resistant materials, such as bricks and slate.

Georgian Architecture (1714 - 1830) 18th century

The Georgian period is the time when the Kings on the throne of England had the name George.

A typical Georgian house of the eighteenth century was elegant and formal in style.

During the Georgian times, there was a heavy tax on windows, as England needed money for war. The number of windows you had was a sign of your wealth - poor people often only had one window per floor. Some people bricked up windows to avoid the tax.

Senate House, Cambridge

Characteristics of Georgian houses

  • Pillars in the front of the house.
  • Square symmetrical shape.
  • A paneled front door in the centre
  • Tiled hipped roofs (A roof which slopes upward from all the sides of a building.)
  • The roof was often hidden behind a parapet, or low wall built around the edge of the roof.
  • Fan light above the door.
  • Paired chimneys.
  • Sash windows (windows which slide up and down).
  • The windows nearer the roof are smaller than the rest.
Pillars in the front of the house.
Fan light above the door.
Sash window
(windows which slide up and down.)
Square symmetrical shape.


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