Ancient Egypt

by Mandy Barrow

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Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt
Everything you will ever need to know and more! You will find out about the pyramid & temple of the ancient Egyptians. See interactive maps and read the stories of the great kings & queens.

Ancient Egypt and the land of the Pharaohs. COOL!
Explore the tombs of the Pharaohs and learn about the Egyptian gods. Visit the home of the sculptor Thutmose and use your powers of deduction to find out all about the artefacts in his house.

Ancient Egypt - Written by school Children.
They have written about:

  • Mummification
    In order to go to the underworld, you had to be mummified......
  • Geography
    Egypt may be a dry, scorching place but it also has a lot of water resources.....
  • Gods and Goddesses
    Read about the many Egyptian gods. Page contains good images to print off and colour.
  • Language
    Writing was very important to the Egyptians. The Egyptians had two different writings. Hieroglyphics was one of them.
  • Timeline
  • Pyramids
    One of the greatest pyramids was made by King Khufu....
  • Medicine
    The Egyptians were advanced in medicine for their time but I don't think you would like to try these cures!
  • Daily Life, Food, Animals, Clothes
    What Was An Egyptian's Life Like?

British Museum
A British Museum Site

Ancient Egypt
A British Museum site exploring Egyptian daily life, religion, pyramids and other buildings, and mummification.

Ancient Egyptian
Learn about the gods they worshiped, the Pharaohs they followed and the tombs and statues they left behind. Find out about famous people like Tutankhamun, the elaborate preparations they made for an eternal life. See the masks and jewellery which the dead took with them into their tombs.

Egyptian History
This site has loads of information about each dynasty and the pharaohs.

Egyptian Artifacts
A Multimedia Guide to artifacts in the Ancient World. Contains movies

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