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Mother Nature


"Investigate and use drawing, collage and textile materials and processes to communicate ideas about line, shape and colour; comment on differences in others' work; suggest ways of improving their own work"


Textease CT ExamplesHenry Matisse
Use an object-based graphics package to create a range of geometric shapes similar to those in 'The Snail' by Matisse. Demonstrate to the class how these shapes can be selected and rearranged, how colours can be changed, how shapes can be resized and how shapes can be copied and layered.


Information Sheets
Northumberland Grid
Bedford Bytes
Contains lesson plans as well as other resources for this unit.

Original artwork from childrens' literature

Asian Arts

Arts of Africa Oceania and the Americas

William Morris love of natureWilliam Morris
All his designs were inspired by the beautiful patterns and colours in nature.

Examples of Computer Artwork inspired by William Morris

Art work created  by pupil at Woodlands Junior School

Aboriginal Art



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