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Paul Cezanne 1839-1906
French Post-Impressionist Painter

Paul Cezanne

Self Portrait

The Blue Vase

Apples, peaches, pears and grapes (large image)

Leonardo Da Vinci 1452-1519
Italian High Renaissance Painter and Inventor

Paul Klee 1879-1940
A Swiss-born painter and graphic artist whose personal, often gently humorous works are replete with allusions to dreams, music, and poetry.

Lawrence Stephen Lowry 1887-1976
British Painter.
L S Lowry is best known for his "matchstick men and women", paintings of people in the industrial towns of the north of England. He grew up in Stretford, now a suburb of Manchester, and most of his work portrays desolate urban landscapes peopled by anonymous figures.Laurence Stephen Lowry was born in Old Trafford, Manchester (UK), on November 1st, 1887. Read about Lowry's life.


Henri Matisse
Henri Matisse was the most important French painter of the 20th century, rivaling Picasso in his influence.

Claude Monet
French Impressionist Painter, 1840-1926


William Morris
English Pre-Raphaelite Writer and Designer, 1834-1896


Pablo Picasso
Spanish Cubist Painter and Sculptor, 1881-1973


Henri Rousseau
French Post-Impressionist Painter, 1844-1910


Henri Rousseau
at the Web Museum.

The Imaginary World of Henri Rousseau

Vincent van Gogh
Dutch Post-Impressionist Painter, 1853-1890



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