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Animal Adaptations and Survival

by Mandy Barrow

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Rock deserts and sparse grasslands.

Lizards Leopard Gecko

What special adaptation do lizards have for survival when being attacked by a predator?

Many lizards, like the leopard gecko, have a tail, which breaks off readily when grabbed by a predator. This emables the lizards to escape if attacked.

What is the disavantage of losing a tail?

A lizard's tail is used as a fat storage for times when there is not much food for them to eat in the desert. By losing its tail is is losing a valuable food source.

How do lizards protect them from the suns heat?

They are strictly nocturnal. This means that they only come out from their holes and crevices at night time to hunt for food

What adaptation does a lizard have to prevent drying out in the desert?

Lizards have extra-thick skin to help prevent drying out in the desert.

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