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Animal Adaptations and Survival

by Mandy Barrow

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  1. Why do lions have loose belly skin?

    It's not because they are out of shape! It's an adaptation for their protection. Loose belly skin allows animal to be kicked by prey with little chance of injury.

  2. What is the purpose of the mane on a male lion?

    Thick mane helps male look bigger and protects the throat.

  3. Why are the eyes of a lion set in the front of its head rather than on the sides?

    Eyes in front allow for depth perception and ability to judge distances when stalking or ambushing prey.

  4. A lion has heavily muscled forelimbs and shoulders. Why?

    Heavily muscled forelimbs and shoulders add strength for capturing large prey.

  5. Why do they have forepaws equipped with long, retractile claws?

    Forepaws equipped with long, retractile claws which help to grab and hold prey.

  6. Why do they have a rough tongue?

    Rough tongue designed to peel skin of prey animal away from flesh, and flesh from bone.

  7. Why are lions a sandy colour?

    Sandy coat colour camouflages animal and young among scrub vegetation.

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